This is the Vice episode that changed everything for us.
If you have 20 minutes this is probably the most informative thing you can watch to learn about ALS.

For months I had been getting passed between different doctors offices without any diagnosis of what was actually going on with me. I had been using google to try and shed some light on my symptoms. Probably not the best thing to do but after being passed back and forth between numerous doctors Katie and I were looking for anything that would help us explain what was happening to me.

I was in Breckenridge opening a new Patagonia store just before thanksgiving, Katie was at home with the dogs. We were both frustrated with the lack of answers and just waiting for the next MRI appointment I had scheduled. We had chatted on the phone earlier that night discussing possible outcomes like pinched nerves, MS, etc. but still had no idea what we were dealing with.

I woke up early the next morning to a ton of missed calls and texts from Katie at around 4:00 am. I called her right away to make sure everything was ok only to hear her answer the phone with a different tone to her voice. She was told me that she had been up late binge watching Vice and stumbled upon this episode “Die Trying” about ALS. While watching the episode her gut sank and suddenly it all hit home. She was positive I had ALS. My slurred speech and my weak hands matched that of the people featured in the show. My heart sank as I hung on her every word. Clarity to the answers we had spent 5 months searching for came to us in a HBO special.

I had came across ALS in my google escapades and knew what the Ice Bucket Challenge was, but after watching this episode many of my questions were answered. I hope you check it out. It changed my entire perspective.